Accountability Reports

Attention Parents 

This memo lays out the new requirements included under 2015 Act 55 related to providing information about educational options, accountability reports to students’ families, and providing information about academic standards to the community. Annually, each public school, including a charter school, and private school participating in a parental choice program, must provide to the parent or guardian of each pupil enrolled in or attending the school the following:


  1. A copy of the school’s accountability report; and simultaneously,
  2. A list of the educational options available to children who reside in the pupil’s resident school district, which must include public schools, private schools participating in a parental choice program, charter schools, virtual schools, full−time open enrollment, youth options, course options and options for pupils enrolled in a home−based private educational program.

The notice must also inform parents that the full school and school district accountability report would be available on the school board's Internet site. All of this information can be found on the main page of the Cameron School District’s website at

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