Comet Pride Star Cards and Post-Cards

b_155_127_16777215_00_images_articles_middleschool_Studentcoupon.png5th and 6th Grade

At Cameron Middle School, students in grades 5 and 6 use Comet Pride Star Card's.  A Star Card can be initialed by any staff member who wished to recognize a student's for meeting the Positive Behaviors Expectations at our school by being Responsible, being Respectful and being Safe.   When a student has all of the stars on their card signed, they can turn in their card for a weekly drawing or have their name put on the school-wide recognition board.  When all the stars are filled on the school-wide recognition board, the school earns a recognition.



7th and 8th Grade

Students in grades 7 and 8 can also earn recognition for showing their Comet Pride, by being Responsible, Respectable and Safe here at Cameron Middle School.  Any staff member can recognize a student for showing their Comet Pride by filling out a Comet Pride Post-Card.  A portion of the Post-Card is given to the student who can enter their name into a trimester drawing or they may chose to have their name put up on the school-wide recognition board.  The staff will write a brief note about the positive behavior the student displayed on the other portion of the Post-Card.  This portion of the Post-Card will then be mailed home to the parent/guardian.  


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