Message from the Principal

b_125_125_16777215_00_images_articles_middleschool_hans.jpgDear Students and Families,

I would like to officially welcome you to the Cameron Middle School! On behalf of myself, and our excellent staff, we look forward to an exciting year filled with many opportunities.

The Cameron School Community is filled with dedicated staff, students, parents, and community members! It is impressive to see the amount of support for our schools and children. Even more impressive is the positive behavior exhibited by our middle school students!

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Students, during your time at Cameron Middle School my wish is that you become a more confident, competent, caring and productive citizen. In order to discover your unique “you” I encourage you to be involved in school, clubs, sports, and/or extra-curricular activities. Give it a try! Participating in these opportunities will help you decide, and then form, who you are as a young adult.

During your time at Cameron Middle School the staff and I will also hold you to high expectations both socially and academically. In order for everyone to achieve at their highest levels we will practice being: respectful, responsible, and safe. I look forward to celebrating with the entire school as we master the skills of “treating others as we would like to be treated”!

Lastly, I want you to remember that all of the staff at Cameron Middle School are here to help you become the best “you”. Ask questions, challenge the status quo, show respect, and have fun along the way! By doing these things you will prepare yourself for high school and beyond.

Families, middle school will be a time of great change. In order to help your child be successful I commit to an open-door policy. Please stop in any time and be involved in your child’s experience both at home and at school. Although early adolescence can be a time of great change, it is also when your child will need you greatly. By working together as a team we can help your child achieve at their highest levels!

Please feel free to stop in or call with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you!


Mr. Hans J. Schmidt

Cameron Middle School Principal

Cameron Middle School Mentorship Program


Are you interested in working with a Middle school student as an adult mentor?  The Cameron Middle School is looking to start a mentorship program. The program is designed to connect a student with a caring and supportive adult.  Mentoring a student can help promote a student’s self-esteem, self-confidence, increase coping skills, and promote healthy and positive relationships.  What seems like socializing to you, could mean the world to them.

The CMS is seeking individuals who would be able to meet with a student once a week over a lunch hour, here at the Middle School.  For more information, click here, or call the Middle School office at 715-458-4560.

"Bloop" Genetic Simulation

Students in Mrs. Pumala and Mr. Macklem's Science class recently played the role of Genetic Counselors for 'Bloops'.  In this role they used Punnett Squares to showcase the genetic possibilities of 'Bloop' parents' offspring.  There was discussion, collaboration and fun along with some cute little Baby Bloops!


PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe


PBIS is a system for creating a positive school culture that allows students to grow and learn academically and socially.  This school-wide program is designed to recognize students for appropriate behaviors.  Every student pledges to do his/her best to be Responsible, Respectful, and to be Safe.

Students who do not meet the positive behavior expectations will be provided with a variety of supports to help them improve their behavior.  

Students who do meet the positive behavior expectations have the opportunity to be recognized the school.

PBIS will help enrich instructional time and promote a school environment that is calm and conducive to learning.

CMS Positive Behavior Expectations

Cameron Middle School Positive Behavior Expectations

As part of the Cameron Middle's School's Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program (PBIS), Cameron Middle School has established a matrix of positive behaviors.  Specific behaviors have been identified for ten different areas of the school.  We will be focussing our efforts on teaching and reinforcing these behaviors throughout the school year.  For a complete list of the positive behavior expectations, please click on the link below.


Cameron Middle School Positive Behavior Expectations

Middle School Office -- Phone: (715) 458 4560 option 3 • Fax: (715) 458 3436

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