Student Aide

1, 2 or 3 Trimesters
Grade 12
Prerequisite: Approval of cooperating teacher and high school counselor through an application process (applications are in Student Services office)

Senior students will have the option of becoming an Educational Aide. If a selected Senior becomes an aide, the aide experience is used as a replacement for a seventh required class. The student must realize that the aide experience is offered for credit, graded Pass/Fail, and will be included on the student's transcript. A Senior aide position is a very responsible one. In some instances an aide may have more responsibilities than if they were involved with an actual class. Senior aides will sign a contract with the cooperating teacher, which will spell out the responsibilities of the Senior aide. Students are selected for these positions based on attendance, work ethic, responsibility, maturity, the nature of the expectation of each individual teacher requesting an aide and as close of a matchup of personality as possible.

Youth Options

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