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  • Soundzabound
  • Royalty Free / Public Domain
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Soundzabound Royalty Free Music
Music for powerpoints, video presentations, and more!

We have access to the online version - All available! - CD's are also available in the LMC.

Soundzabound link

Ask in the LMC for the password.


Royality Free Music

PacDV- http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/index.html
You may use the sound effects on this web site free of charge in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions (but do not re-sell them or post on a web site for download).


SoundHunter - http://www.soundhunter.com/

More Links for royality free music coming soon.


♫♪ Music Downloading ♪♫

Why do I need to be aware of music copyright?

You are ethically and legally liable for the use of copyrighted material. If you purchased a copy (CD or mp3), you may do as you will for personal use (burn a CD copy for your car, load download it to your mp3 payer). However, you cannot burn a copy to share with family and friends. You are infringing copyright law.

Download files, even music files, from trustworthy sites. Data sharing sites usually have copyright disclaimer policies that state you are liable for any infringement, not the site or program.

Musical compositions and sound recordings are covered in copyright laws. Once copyright expires, , it becomes public domain and available for use without permission. Currently, copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years. See Playing Fair tab above for more information about the music industry.

♫♪ Hitting the Note & Playing Fair ♪♫

Music Industry...

Artists sign a contract with a recording label. The recoding company pays the cost of the recording of the music in the studio (this includes the studio time, equipment, personal,etc), desings & prints the liner notes for the CD, presses & ships the CDs to radio and retailers, and markets & promotes the albums. In return, the company recieves sales and pays royalties to the artist, songwritters, producers, musicians, and vocalists from each individual sale.

Creating an album takes a lot of people (all of who get a small piece of the cost of the album):

1) songwriter- writes the lyrics and music [sometimes ther performer is the songwriter],
2) recording artists - performer of the music,
3) record producer- assist in refining the performer(s) performance,
4) sound engineer - records & remixes the music to achieve best quality of sound,
5) recording company - pays expenses of recording and marketing,
6) distributors - buy and then sell to retail stores,
7) general manager - assists artists in decisions and oversees others that support the artist and his/her work,
8) tour manager - books & arranges tours
9) retailers - order & sell the artist's albums.

Most record labels lose money on most of their artists- about one to ten albums actually make profit. Most aartists and songwriters struggle to make a living. Most of the artists', or performers', funds are generated via live performances during touring.

Presents info about impact of illegal downloading, lists legal downloading sites, and more.







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