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750 South 1st Street.
Cameron, WI 54822

7:45 am - 3:45 pm
Monday thru Friday

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Library Media Specialist


Mrs. Melissa Longmire

Library Aide/Secretary
Mrs. Kathy Cook

LMC is a place for research and quiet study.

All school rules and expectations apply in the LMC.


The LMC is not a hallway!  Please do not cut through to the other side between or during classes.

When at a table: be seated in your chair, keep your legs and feet below you.  Do not rise up your knees or place your feet on the table.  Please also remember that the table is not a chair!

Do not draw on the tables, chairs, print materials, etc. with pen or pencil or any writing utensil.  Others need to be able to use the same materials after you!

Whisper!  Do not speak loudly or converse with whomever is near, as not to distract your fellow students or disturb those working.  Mrs. Longmire and Mrs. Cook do not holler from one desk to the other, so neither should you!

Items available
Checkout Period
Late Fees
2 weeks
$.02 per day


2 weeks
$.02 per day
2 weeks
$.02 per day
Overnight w/
Teacher Permission
$.05 per day
Flash Drives
1 week
$1.00 per day
Alpha smarts

1 day

$1.00 per day

Students may check out a total of 5 items at the same time.

Students will NOT save any files to the hard drive of any computer; use your school h-drive account.

The use of music CD's, games, on-line chat rooms are NOT considered appropriate use.

The misuse of computers shall include but not be limited to anything that causes damage to the equipment or makes the computers not operate exactly as originally configured.

Students are expected to log off computers and clean up before leaving.

Printing Fines: Inappropriate, excessive, or non-acedemic
$.10 for black ink - $.25 for color printing



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