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LMC is a place for research
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All school rules and expectations
apply in the LMC


Read and know the guidelines printed in the student handbook about school computer use.

User names and passwords are assigned each student.  These must be used only by the student.  Under no circumstance is a student to allow another student to use his or her username and password.  Under no circumstance is a student allowed to use another student's username and password.

are to be used for educational purposes and school assignments.

Saving work.  Each student should have a GoogleDrive account and Dropbox account.

Printing work.  Students may print only what is necessary for school work. Only one copy of an assignment may be made using the printers. If additional copies are needed, the student can make additional copies on the copier machine for $0.10 per page. Printing in color is allowed only when required by the classroom teacher. Overprinting will result in the following charges: $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.25 per page for color.



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