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Citing Basics

Why do we cite our sources? Why should I care?
- Paper trail of sources for interested readers -
- Promote ethical responsibility and academic consistency -
- Avoid risk of plagiarism -

How do I write an entry for a ...
See also: Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research of Papers. 7th ed. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2009. Print

MLA guidelines require the Works Cited page to be arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name (or title, if no author) and doubled-spaced. For organizational purposes, those guidelines are NOT reflected here.

Work Cited page:

- Double Spaced, not numbers
Sources in alphabetical order
- Indent all lines except the first line
- Titles in italics

Look for the Note icon icon
for downloadable note sheets
with citation form.

Go to EasyBib for an electronic template and MLA citation creator.

Anthology (print) ^

General format:
Author (if given). “Title of work.” Trans.(if translated by someone).  Title of book.  Ed. Editor name. City: Publisher,

Copyright. Page number(s). Print.

Example- with author:
Sneed, Pamela. “Teaching.” Holler if You Hear Me.  Ed. William Ayers. New York: Teachers College Press, 1999.

20. Print.

Anthology (online)

General format:
Author (if given). “Title of work.” Trans. (if translated by someone).  Title of Website.  Sponsoring institution,

Copyright (or n.d.). Web. Date Accessed. <URL>.

Example- with author:
Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Black Cat.” Classic Literature.  About.com, 2008. Web.  16 September 2008.


Audio ^

General format:
Specific song:
Artist.  "Title of track."  By composer name. Title of Album.  Record Label, copyright year or n.d.   Type of Audio:

Audiocassette, CD,  or LP (MP3).

Whole album:
Performer’s last name, first name (perfomer-perf., producer- prod., conductor-cond.) . Title of Album.  Record Label,

copyright year or n.d.   Type of Audio: Audiocassette, CD,  or LP (record).

Examples of Album (CD):
Adams, Bryan, perf.  Best of Me.  A Universal Music Company, 1999. CD.

Rascal Flatts, perf.  Feels Like Today.  Hollywood Records, 2004. CD.

Shanks, John, prod.  Cars.  Walt Disney Records, 2006. CD.

Example of Specific Song (MP3):

Underwood, Carrie. “Last Name.” Carnival Ride. Arista, 2007. MP3.

Audio (MP3 file purchased, downloaded from database or Web):

Example of Specific Song or sound:

Victor, Scott, perf. “HC Devils.” Hunterdon Central Chronicles. iTunes, 5 May 2008. Digital file.

Soundzabound. "Bobby Sock Hop." 50's Decades of Music Rock Vintage. Soundzabound Music Library,

22 October 2009. Digital file.

Fountain, J.R. "Sound design atmospheric drone with modulating screech tone." Soundsnap. 15 October 2009. Digital File.

"Film Projector." PacDV.com. 20 October 2009. Digital File.

Audio located on the web to listen to:


Note Form Book ^

General format:
Author/Editor.  Title.  City: Publisher, copyright year. Print.

Example - Book with one author:
Bryan, Jenny.  Diabetes.  Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2004. Print.

Example - Book with two or more authors (154, 5.6.4):
Teitel, Martin, and Kimberly A. Wilson. Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of

Nature. Rochester: Park Street Press, 1999. Print.

Example- Book with no author or anonymous:
Go Ask Alice. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1998. Print.

Example- Book with editors:
Stock, Gregory, and John Campbell, eds. Engineering the Human Germ Line: An Exploration of

the Science and Ethics of Altering the Genes We Pass to Our Children. New York: Oxford University

Press, 2000.


General format:

Example -
complete an example


Cartoon/Comic (online)

General format:


Example -
complete an example

Databases ^

General format:
Author. “Title of article.” Name of Journal (if applicable) Copyright date: page range  (if available). 

Name of Database. Date of Access. <http://address/filename>.

Daley, Art. “Whitewater's Johnson Signs With Packers.”  Appleton Post-Crescent 02 February 1961: A-1.  Access

NewspaperARCHIVE. Web. 15 September 2009. <http://access.newspaperarchive.com>.

"Diabetes Increases Risk for Caesarean Delivery." Nutrition Research Newsletter October 1999: 6-7. Ebscohost.

Web. 27 October 2003. <http://www.epnet.com>.


General format:
: Last name, First name(of Person who sent). "Title of message." Message to First Name Last Name. Date sent. E-mail.

Swift, Tyson. “Re: Dance the Night Away.” Message to Lisa Meyer. 24 October 2007. E-mail.

Note Form Print Encyclopedia ^

General format:
Author (if listed). “Title of Article.” Name of Encyclopedia. Year or ed. Vol. #. Print.

Example - signed:
Gordon, John.  “D-day.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2007 ed. Vol. 4. Print.

Example - unsigned:
"Onomatopoeia." Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. 11th ed. 2003. Print.

Online Encyclopedia

General format:
Author’s name (if given). “Title of Article.” Name of Encyclopedia. Sponsoring institution. Edition (if given). Copyright/posted date. Web. Date of access.


Example - unsigned:
"Genetics." The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Columbia University Press. 6th ed. 2007. Web.

21 October 2009. <http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/sci/A0820469.html>.


General format:
"Title." Map/Chart. Title of Book. By author. City: Publisher, copyright. pg #. Print.


Online Image^

General format:
Artist if available.  Title or description of image. Date of image (or N.d.). Title of website/homepage. Web.

Date Searched. <http://address/URL>.

Reveal, James L. (photographer).  Maximilian sunflower.  N.d.  U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Web.  

7 April 2007. <http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=HEMA2&photoID= hema2_1.jpg>.

Print Picture or Work of Art^

General format:


Interview ^

General format:



Magazine ^

General format:
Author’s name (if given). “Title of Article.” Magazine Name. Date Month Year of Publication:

Page Number(s). Print.

Example- with author:
Kluger, Jeffrey.  “The Science of Appetite.” Time.  June 2007: 48-52, 57-61.  Print.

Example- no author:
“An Amber Light for Agri-business.” Economists. 4 October 2003: 35. Print.

Magazine (Online)




Newspapers (Print) ^

General format:
Author’s name, last name first, “Article title,” Newspaper title, complete publication date, edition,

section, page numbers.

Howard, Beth. “How Safe is the Food You Eat?” Harper’s Bazaar, October 2003: 144.

Newspapers (Online)

General format:
Author’s name (if given). “Title of Article.” Name of Newspaper/Magazine.  Date of Publication. Web. Date of Access.



The Associated Press. “Test drive.” Leader-Telegram. 15 January 2007. Web. 16 January 2007.



Television ^

General format:




Videocassette or Videodisc ^

General format:
Director. Performers. Distributor, year of release. Medium (VHS, DVD, etc).

Dir. Perf. , , , and .

Web Video

Note Form Web Sites ^

General format:
Author/Editor.  “Title of Web Page.”  Title of Website/Homepage. Sponsoring Institution, Update/copyright.

Web. Date Searched.  <http://address/of/URL>. 

If no sponsor, use N.p.

If no date, use n.d.

Dowshen, Steven, MD.  “Bones, Muscles, and Joints.” TeensHealth.  Nemours Foundation, March 2007. 

Web. 4 April 2007.


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