Shared Family-School Responsibilities

  1. Families must sign a yearly contract. They must also agree to provide required documents and communicate consistently with CAVE certified teachers.
  2. Families and Local Education Guides communicate weekly about student progress.
  3. Families and Local Education Guides meet at the end of each quarter to review student progress, update Personal Learning Plans, and post grades for work completed.
  4. CAVE provides lists of highly recommended curricula that meet state and national standards and that are adaptable to learning in a home-based environment. Families select curricula based on individual learner needs and interests. The school orders materials for each family/student and provides technology support tools. Curricula may include online courses, technology-supported programs of study, and traditional text based courses.
  5. All students in grades 3-8 and 10 must take the WKCE exams, proctored by the Local Education Guides at approved sites. Local Education Guides design and implement strength-based interventions for students who score below a proficient level on the WKCE.
  6. All kindergartners must take the state PALS assessment (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) in October and April. The assessment will be administered by one of the CAVE teachers at selected sites. Our local education guides help parents create learning plans based on the results of the assessment.