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5th Grade: Civil War

BrainPop: Civil War

Animated: Civil War



Civil War Brochure Template



6th Grade: Writing Prompt

Source 1--Hiroshima: Was it Necessary?

Source 2--Atomic Bomb-Truman Press Release (Two readings)
Read introduction Article then click on press release (highlighted)
Read Press Release by President Truman's White House

Source 3--Was Hiroshima Necessary?






From Home:
Best source of information about countries and individual states of the United States
Encyclopedia, Dictionary, & Atlas
U.S. Department of State
Information about countries (including dependencies and
areas of special sovereignty) is available on this site.
Country Profiles
This site provides country profiles which includes a basic overview, basic facts,
weather, the country's official tourist site, a sound clip of the national anthem,
and a timeline of key events.
World Factbook
This site includes information about a country's background, geography, people,
government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
Fact Monster: Countries of the World
This site includes information about a country's background & history, type of government, formal name of country, current government officials, total area, current population, language/race/religion, and economy.
Atlapedia: Countries A to Z
This site contains both a physical and political map of a country as well as information.
World Facts & Maps
Topographical/Geographical Maps
Country Reports

This site provides statistical information as well as cultural information. 
It has government, economic, and geographical information as well as
population demographics quick facts only.
Cannot access in-depth information as we do not have a subscription.

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