Chemistry (A & B)

2 Trimesters
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology, Algebra

Chemistry A and B includes the study of the following items:
- the atom and its properties
- a survey of the elements*properties - bonding types

*properties - bonding types

*ionic *covalent - formulas and compounds

*writing *drawing

*Empirical & Molecular - mathematical concepts relating to formulas, compounds, and the like.

*similarities and differences*Electronegativities *polar



*formula weights

*percent composition*Valence, charge & reaction types

*Valence, charge & reaction types

*percentages, decimals, and fractions*ratios, proportions *inverse and direct relationships *antilogs

*ratios, proportions*inverse and direct relationships *antilogs

*inverse and direct relationships*antilogs


*logarithms - mantissas and characteristics
- the molar concept and its applications. The molar concept is central to the study of chemical reactions involving solids, liquids, or gases.
- the gas laws

*Charles Law

*Boyles Law

*Ideal gas equation - oxidation-reduction (Redox) equations

*using a sequence of rules to balance equations electronically. - acids, bases, and salts

*Percent solutions)
*Molal solutions) Environmental effect *Molar solutions)

- a study of PH and the relationship to the environment - basic laboratory rules and techniques
- careers related to the science

Text: Modern Chemistry
Tzimopoulos, Metcalfe, Williams Castka, ISBN 0-03-075961-7


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