Advanced Biology

1 Trimester
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: ―C‖ grade or higher in Biology

Advanced Biology will prepare you for the challenges you will face in your future educational endeavors. The topic covered in class are an investigation of the six-kingdom classification of living organisms, and the structures that make up living organisms and their functions, including a more in depth analysis of human biology. There is a research and writing component included in the class.

Advanced Chemistry

1 Trimester
Grade 11-12
Prerequisite: Chemistry (grade of ―C‖ or better), Biology, Algebra

Advanced Chemistry will prepare you for the challenges you will face in your future educational endeavors. Topics covered in class are a general chemistry review of problem types and procedures, percentage of water in hydrated compounds, calorimetry, applications of molarity in titrations and pH, applications of molality in freezing and boiling point calculations, oxidation reductions reactions, introduction to organic chemistry, and qualitative analysis. There is an emphasis on the math in chemistry as well as applying the concepts doing experiments.

Chemistry (A & B)

2 Trimesters
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology, Algebra

Chemistry A and B includes the study of the following items:
- the atom and its properties
- a survey of the elements*properties - bonding types

*properties - bonding types

*ionic *covalent - formulas and compounds

*writing *drawing

*Empirical & Molecular - mathematical concepts relating to formulas, compounds, and the like.

*similarities and differences*Electronegativities *polar



*formula weights

*percent composition*Valence, charge & reaction types

*Valence, charge & reaction types

*percentages, decimals, and fractions*ratios, proportions *inverse and direct relationships *antilogs

*ratios, proportions*inverse and direct relationships *antilogs

*inverse and direct relationships*antilogs


*logarithms - mantissas and characteristics
- the molar concept and its applications. The molar concept is central to the study of chemical reactions involving solids, liquids, or gases.
- the gas laws

*Charles Law

*Boyles Law

*Ideal gas equation - oxidation-reduction (Redox) equations

*using a sequence of rules to balance equations electronically. - acids, bases, and salts

*Percent solutions)
*Molal solutions) Environmental effect *Molar solutions)

- a study of PH and the relationship to the environment - basic laboratory rules and techniques
- careers related to the science

Text: Modern Chemistry
Tzimopoulos, Metcalfe, Williams Castka, ISBN 0-03-075961-7


Environmental Science

2 Trimesters
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology

This course covers a variety of topics such as: ecosystems, biodiversity, population dynamics, environmental resources, water, air pollution, and other global trends. The text that will be used is Holt ̳Environmental Science‘ and is supplemented with labs and case studies. Students will develop models, posters, and reports to enhance key concepts.

  • Topics:
    • Environmental Science
    • Air
    • Land
    • Energy
    • Environmental Trends
    • Ecosystems
    • Atmosphere
    • Food
    • Waste
    • Water
    • Climate
    • Biodiversity
    • Population


2 Trimesters
Grade 12
Prerequisite: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry

Physics is the science that deals with the relationship between matter and energy. Some of the topics discussed include the motion of objects such as cars, planets and rockets; collisions and the transfer of energy; the nature of sound and music. There is a great deal of emphasis on the ability to think and solve problems and to apply mathematics to physical problems. It is recommended that students take Physics during their senior year so that Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry will have already been taken with above average success. It is useful for students to have taken Chemistry before taking Physics, but it is not required. If possible, students should enroll in both Physics and Advanced Math. Students can expect this class to be a preparation for college level courses with the necessity to maintain or upgrade study skills to a level well above average. College bound students should be aware that college graduation requirements often require science courses such as Physics, even for non-science majors, to improve analytical thinking skills.

Text: Physics Principles & Problems
Merrill Publishing Co.
ISBN 0-675-07486-X
Modern Physics
Holt Rinehart Winston Publishers ISBN 0-03-061937-8

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