2 Trimesters
Grade 12
Prerequisite: Algebra I, II, Geometry and Pre-Calculus

This course is intended for students who plan to go to college and in particular who plan to enter a math, science, or engineering field. Topics will include: limits and their properties, differentiation, integration, and transcendental functions. In addition, there will be an emphasis on communication of mathematics, problem solving skills, applications of mathematics, modeling mathematics, and using technology.

Financial Algebra

2 Trimesters
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Algebra I and Geometry

This 2 trimester course will cover a wide range of mathematical topics that will prepare students for life in the real-world.
By building on your prior knowledge of math concepts from other courses, Financial Algebra will take you step-by-step through strategies to help you learn the time value of money, how to evaluate the best cell phone contract, how to build a business plan by knowing costs, profits, and breakeven points, and much more.

Course Outline: Learn basic business organization terminology in order to read, interpret and chart stock ownership and transaction data; use linear, quadratic and regression equations to understand supply, demand, expense, revenue and profit as they relate to the sale of a product; learn the function and computation of interest in short-term, long-term, single deposit, and periodic deposit accounts; learn how to use and manipulate the credit formulas in order to make wise credit choices that fit specific needs, current financial situations, and future goals; develop an understanding of the mathematics that models purchasing, insuring, depreciating a car; understand how salaries are computed, benefits bestowed, and wage taxes are calculated that allow the employee the opportunity to make smart employment choices both before accepting a job and during the period of employment in that job; model and understand our progressive tax system through the creation of functions and the analysis of graphic representations of those functions; understand the mathematical models that involve moving, renting and purchasing a place to live; understand retirement savings plans, both personal and federal, employee pension programs, and life insurance; create, chart and use a responsible personal budget

Textbook: Financial Algebra


2 Trimesters
Grade 11-12
Prerequisite: Algebra I, II, and Geometry

This course is intended for students who plan to go on to college and in particular plan to enter a mathematics or science related field. Topics will include selections from: probability and statistics; solid geometry; trigonometry; and functions and graphs. In addition to this there will be an emphasis on developing problem solving skills and improving study habits needed in college.

Text: Pre-Calculus with Limits: A Graphing Approach Houghton Mifflin

ISBN 0-618-39480-X Copyright 2005

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